7 Hair Color Trends Experts Say Will Take Over This Spring

New season, new hair color.

Spring Hair Colors for 2022
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Spring is right around the corner, and for those who live for the warmer months (hi, it's me), what's a better way to celebrate surviving yet another gloomy winter season than looking into new hair color trends that are about to take over?

Whether you're someone who prefers to keep things neutral and low-maintenance, or you're fully ready to embrace the spring vibes and get a fun pop of color, experts say there will be a spring hair color for everyone.

To discover what hues will reign supreme this season, keep reading.

Luxe Brunette

Remember the expensive brunette hair color trend that was everywhere this winter? Well, experts say that luxurious brown hair colors will continue this season.

"For spring 2022, I predict we will continue the dark, leather brunette tones," says Richy Kandasamy, celebrity colorist and R+Co collective member. "However, we'll add cooler, mushroom hues to create dimensional highlights for a lighter spring vibe."

Chase Kusero, a celebrity colorist and co-founder of IGK Hair Care, also says he's seeing a spike in interest in brown hues. "I have clients that have been increasingly asking for luxurious, rich browns with an edge," he says. "Think dark oak and warm butterscotch with added low lights to give the look a more youthful feel."

Copper Reds

"Redheads are going to have such a moment," says Rachel Bodt, a celebrity hair colorist and Matrix brand ambassador. "It's youthful and playful and can work for anyone. It's just about picking the right tone."

George Papanikolas, a celebrity hair colorist and Matrix brand ambassador, says he predicts copper tones specifically will be huge. "Slightly hotter than your typical ginger, copper auburn hair is a medium red-brown tone with a hint of spice that's perfect for those who prefer a natural-looking red hue that's just a touch bold," he says.

If you're looking for a brighter and bolder red hair moment, though, Kandasamy says flaming red copper will be another great pick. "Flaming red copper is going to be a spring 2022 trend to come," he predicts. "Warm, intense, elegant, and above all, trendy, this flamboyant copper will be on all heads this spring, regardless of skin tone."

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Peek-A-Boo Colors

For those who want to try a vibrant color, Kandasamy says bold colors secretly placed throughout your hair are a great way to get started.

"Overall, we'll keep color natural, but we'll add a hidden, bright placement as an accessory that you can see when hair is pulled up or styled in a specific way," he says. This hair trend also allows you to play with a vibrant hue without as much upkeep as a full head of bright color.

Ringlighting Balayage

"Ringlighting balayage is essentially creating stronger face-framing highlights," says Papanikolas. "By creating a bright money piece, you can recreate the flattering effects of a ring light without the need for a lamp."

This hair color trend is not to be confused with the chunky money piece, which was popular once before. The goal of ringlighting balayage is to avoid any harsh lines. The lighter, face-framing hue should be delicate at the root and gradually get thicker and brighter as you move down the hair, he explains.

"These strong face frames give you the blonde moment without having to bleach your whole head, and they are easy to maintain," says Bodt, who also predicts face-framing highlights aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

Bombshell Blondes

"In the salon, my clients are asking for lower-maintenance blonde shades that feel softer versus a bright platinum," says Kusero. "Think almond milk, soy milk, oat milk, or cashew – pale shades that are more natural and allow clients to go longer between visits."

Heavy Roots

Bodt says a big theme this spring will be bold hair transformations that are still easy to maintain, which is why she thinks overgrown and heavy-looking roots will make a comeback this spring season.

"Heavy roots are easy and can look so sexy when done right," she says. "The key is to make it look intentional and not like you just forgot to get your roots done." Ask your stylist to seamlessly blend your overgrown roots into the base color of your hair to avoid any jagged demarcation lines.

Pastel Pink and Purples

A bold hair color trend that Kusero sees having a huge moment is pastel pink and purple shades. Whether you're committing to a full head of color or adding in face-framing highlights, he says lilac and pastel pink shades are fun and youthful ways to add pops of color into the hair.

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