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brown hair
Credit: Matteo Valle/Getty

Until a few days ago, I hadn’t had my highlights touched up in almost year. Gasp, I know. So calling me low-maintenance when it comes to hair color upkeep is a drastic understatement. My blonde and golden balayaged highlights have the potential to go brassy fast, but I lay off because I also know that consistent coloring is a guaranteed recipe for damage. So how do I keep it looking decent throughout the year? My savior is shampoo, specifically Rita Hazan’s True Color Shampoo ($26; sephora.com).

Washing your hair is one of the biggest causes of color warping, but this bottle is a mini miracle worker, leaving your mane feeling fresh and clean without compromising the bleach or dye in your hair. Oh, and it was formulated by Beyoncé’s (!!!!) hair colorist. Casual, right?

Pretending this connection makes me one step closer to being in Queen Bey’s crew is delusional, but that’s not stopping me.

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And while this sodium laurel sulfate-free shampoo removes dirt, oil, and product buildup, it moisturizes your hair using ingredients like shea butter and infuses antioxidants to your hair shaft using moringa seed extract. It provides a light lather and lovely scent that sticks around for hours. It's match is the True Color Conditioner, of which I feel equally as passionate about. After using both and letting my hair air-dry, it feels soft, looks shiny, and smells amazing.

Trust me when I say you will hoard this stuff.