By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Sep 01, 2017 @ 1:30 pm
Credit: Youtube

You know how mood rings work. In the third grade, you thought it was magic, but it’s really a change of body temperature (or surrounding temps) that makes the cobalt switch to an emerald green and so on. Well, now the same technology exists for your hair dye, which is a match made in heaven for the indecisive soul who also happened to grow up in the sweet, sweet ‘90s.

The professional hair dye company Pravana has developed the very first heat-activated temporary hair pigments, which means that the hair color will change when you put a heat tool to it, whether that's a straightening iron, a curling wand, or a blow dryer.

The Vivid Mood Color is available in four different color-changing options, including lime green to yellow, cool violet to warm pink, smoky grey to invisible, and tropical peach to invisible. They wash out with shampoo, so you aren't committed to hair that's going to shift every time you need a blowout. But for the most long-lasting color, they suggest applying it to hair extensions.

Watching it in action is the most incredible part. The brand put out a YouTube video that demonstrates the shift in hues, as well as how you can layer the colors together.

Since it's a professional line, it'll only be available in salons, so be sure to check in with your stylist to see if the carry it.