Actually, it was made by the man who created most of them!

Instagram Hair Dye - LEAD
Credit: MyDentity

We swoon over every hair color trend hair activist Guy Tang introduces to the world—rose gold, denim, and the glow-in-the-dark phoenix movement are just a few of the many he's responsible for skyrocketing to viral success. Swooning, however, is usually as far as it goes, considering recreating the looks is a detailed and difficult process and we can't just text him and ask him for an impromptu transformation. But that might all change now thanks to Tang's new professional hair color line, #mydentity, which was developed based on his own awe-inspiring creations.

The line includes 24 pre-blended signature shades—offered in permanent, demi-permanent, direct dye, or dual booster genres—that colorists can apply on clients to achieve popular looks like dusty lavender, mint, and charcoal.

"I want colors that will fill the void in the hair industry right now," Tang told InStyle. "I want colors that will be unique, delicate, yet wearable and versatile. I have been creating some of this shades with different color lines currently available in the market, but I have to mix 5-6 colors, five different steps to come up with a look I wanted."

Instagram Hair Dye - EMBED
Credit: MyDentity

After hearing that some of his #HairBestie followers felt it was often complicated to follow the formula, and that it didn't always yield the same result, he decided to create a pre-blended line that was easy to use and eliminated the guessing game. When it comes to applying hair color, no one wants to cross their fingers and hope for the best.

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On top of concentrating on specific shade blends, Tang also wanted the line to be practical for the client. He added lavender oils to the formula to promote relaxation while they're sitting in the chair, a development to provide shine, and a patented technology that protects the hair color up to 450 degrees.

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So how does Tang come up with the creations we never see coming? "It starts with a vision in my mind based on various experiences I had and the things I like," he told InStyle. "I created a lot of my hair color trends based on the '80s theme. I love the era because it is well defined with fashion, hairstyle, and pop culture. I love the denim trend up to this time from acid wash, ripped jeans, to the lived-in look. I created the denim look in different shades just like back in the days—by the way, I still wear and love my denim jackets!"

He's also inspired by comic book characters like in the X-Men. Phoenix was based on Jean Grey and his silver hair work was inspired by Storm.

As for what's next on the gram? "Rose Gold is a sure hit to a lot of clients. Dusty Lavender for those who likes more of the cool tones. Silver Smoke is great for those who like grey/white hair look, but more wearable and believable," he says.

Sounds like it's time to call up your colorist.