Kylie Jenner Has a Hot Pink Lob Now

This is the shortest she's worn her hair in a long time.

With salons in LA shut down again in an attempt to stop the surge of coronavirus cases in California, Kylie Jenner's latest hairstyle is a lot more laid-back than her typical waist-length waves.

Kylie Jenner. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

The star debuted a shoulder-length lob in a series of cute photos with her nephew, Psalm, which she shared on Instagram over the weekend. Jenner's new haircut is probably the result of simply giving her natural hair a break from the signature long extensions she's been wearing lately.

Jenner styled her lob in a center part with loose bends and accessorized the cut with a '90s snap clip on one side.

In addition to the shorter length, Jenner's hair is now a bold fuchsia, this spring's breakout quarantine hair color. Her pink hair is a lighter, brighter shade than the red velvet color she had earlier this month. While it's possible her hair has faded into this color, it's also easy to enhance already pinkish hair with a semi-permanent dye like Overtone's Pink Coloring Conditioner, also available in an option for those with a brown base.

While Jenner hasn't completely ditched the full-on glam looks she's known for during the pandemic, she has been embracing her natural hair length more often than we're used to seeing. Back in May when salons were shut down in LA for the first time, she shared her brassy hair problems on her Instagram Story.

"My hair needs a major tone situation," she wrote.

And she did, from long waist-length blonde waves to her current fuchsia lob.

While the Kardashians' TV show has ended (for now), you can still keep up with the family's ever-changing hairstyles.

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