The singer has a new fall hair color after dyeing it herself in quarantine.

When the COVID-19 pandemic put a pause on all salon services for a couple of months, everyone, including celebs who usually have glam teams at their disposal, became their own hairstylists, colorists, makeup artists, and waxers.

For anyone who experienced their roots growing in at rapid speed, a temporary root touch up product or box dye were the only temporary options. And like so many of us who got tired of seeing our overgrown roots staring back at us in the mirror and our Zoom cameras, Jennifer Lopez opted for a DIY dye session, which her go-to colorist Tracey Cunningham revealed in an Instagram post.

"I’m so grateful during #covid_19 my clients were so cool about doing there own bases at home. Even @jlo didn’t mind applying her own base color and didn’t have highlights the whole #quarantine," she wrote in the caption. 

And we have to say, we're impressed with J.Lo's dye skills. According to Cunningham's slideshow this is what the star's color looked like after she dyed it herself:

While J.o's warm brunette base is gorgeous, now that salons are back open for business, she had Cunningham revive her signature golden highlights. With the help of colorist Jeremy Cohen, Cunningham shares the exact formula of Redken dyes she used on J.Lo further down in the post's caption.

Full disclosure: It's pretty technical, but if you've always loved the star's highlights, show it to your colorist and they'll know what to do.

The beginning of a new season is the perfect time to refresh your look, whether it's with a fresh cut or color. And J.Lo's golden highlights would look gorgeous on any brunette base.