Kate Hudson
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How does a blonde go icy cool when she’s got that honey thing going on? Before you grab a bottle of bleach and DIY that, listen up. We chatted with celebrity hair colorist Sharon Dorram, who recently gave signature sunshine-y blonde Kate Hudson the platinum treatment, and found out how the pros really do the seemingly impossible.

If you have darker hair and getting that ashy hue has proved difficult, you’re not alone. Dorram says that generally naturally darker hair will lift with more of a warmer tone. But if you’re a natural blonde, you’re in luck. "Almost all natural blondes will lift easily to a wheat-toned ‘tow head’ blonde,” says Dorram. “It's only a strawberry blonde that may lift with warm undertones.”

Honey Blonde Hair - Embed
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An example of honey-colored hair

In this circumstance, she recommends adding extra ash to the color.

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"To create an icy blonde you need a highlight tint with super ashy undertones,” she notes. "I will sometimes use a pure ash-based toner on the roots if the base looks too golden before I highlight.”

She often gets the look by lifting the hair two or three shades, and then lifts the honey hue further by adding in highlights, instead of just continuously lifting the entire head of hair.

Icy to Honey Blonde Hair - Embed
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Kate Hudson's hair with a lighter, icy hue.

So what do you need to know? Pictures are key. Dorram also says you need to be realistic with your colorist about their natural color because that will dictate how the hair lifts. "A good colorist should interpret the look and educate the client on what to expect,” she says.

As for keeping it ashy and icy cool?

Brightening and purple shampoos are a good starting point, but you'll have to book touch-ups to keep it in tip-top shape.