By Elysia Berman
Updated Jul 17, 2015 @ 4:45 pm
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"Your hair is going to fall out," my mother would tell me every time my hair shifted from a shade of pink to black, and back again. Despite my better judgment, and my mother's sage advice, I dyed my hair more times than I could count. As someone who has cut off their hair repeatedly due to damage from bad bleach jobs, I know the frustration that comes with seeing a little more — OK a lot more — hair than normal in your hairbrush. After a while, I got fed up. I let my natural hair grow out and with it, the damage.

However, as much as I loved having healthy hair, I was not in love with the color. I got pangs of jealousy whenever I saw celebrities rocking rainbow hues or chic, wispy, platinum bobs. I wanted a change, but not the side effects. That is, until I heard about Olaplex.

You can imagine my disbelief when I heard there was a product that would not only protect my hair from the damaging effects of bleach, but also leave my hair in better condition than it was before visiting the salon. No way had science come that far. We could put a man on the moon but we could not figure out how to make my hair blonde without the damage.

Always the skeptic, I did tons of research. I read countless articles, trolled Olaplex's Instagram, looked on a myriad of hair blogs (RIP madradhair), and the only thing I saw was picture after picture of wonderfully healthy, luscious blonde hair. I had to try it. I visited stylist Sara Booth at Takamichi Hair downtown, showed her a picture of Sienna Miller (because duh), and told her to go to town on my hair.

Olaplex works to repair broken bonds in the hair while protecting bonds that are typically broken down by bleaching. It leaves hair in better condition, therefore holding color better.

The treatment comes in three steps: 1) a hyper concentrated liquid that is added to dye and then applied to the hair, 2) a thicker, denser in-salon conditioning treatment that is left on for 10 minutes after shampooing, and 3) an at-home weekly treatment that contains a lighter concentration of Olaplex.

Stylists love it because it takes the stress and nail biting out of double-process coloring. Sara said she can easily see the difference in the clients who use Olaplex. "It's such a relief — it makes my job much less stressful," she told me.

As for me, the proof is in the pudding. I didn't go platinum (not yet, at least!), but my hair is definitely much lighter and blonder. I had very little breakage, and my hair texture remains 100 percent intact. Now, I won't let a colorist touch my hair without using Olaplex.