The 8 Breakout Hair Colors of Fall 2022

Bored with your current hair situation? Try these trending colors.

Fall 2022 Hair Color Trends
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Facts are facts: the best hair color for you is whichever one you feel want. And while blonde, brunette, red, purple, turquoise, or any other color of the rainbow looks amazing any time of the year, some hair colors just hit different during the fall, as the leaves start to turn golden brown and the cool breeze rolls in.

So, if you like to enter each new season with a fresh look, you've found yourself in the right corner of the internet. According to top colorists, the most-requested colors are rich and warm, which coincides with the desire to get cozy as temperatures drop. While some clients are still opting for low-maintenance shades or highlight techniques to minimize how often they need to go to the salon for touch ups, others are going for more dramatic color transformations like copper red.

Below, a handful of top colorists walk us through the hair colors trending for fall 2022. Read, then screenshot their predictions before you go to the salon.

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Pumpkin spice lattes are synonymous with fall, but adding cinnamon to your coffee is another popular seasonal drink and even inspired the season's hair color trends. Enter: cinnamon hair. It's a rich brunette brunette shade with warm cinnamon highlights — think how your latte looks after you stir your cinnamon seasoning in it.

"The cinnamon highlights should be a deep gold in color with a hint of red reflect that comes out under natural sunlight — this combo of colors will have a rich cinnamon vibe," says celebrity hair colorist and Redken ambassador Matt Rez.

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Vintage Gold Blonde

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While Y2K is dictating many of this year's beauty trends, the swinging '60s are also a heavily influence. Case in point: Matrix celebrity colorist Rachel Bodt says vintage gold blonde is trending for fall.

"It's the perfect transition for blondes who want to keep their vibrant color but also want to add a bit of warmer tones for fall," Bodt says. "Instead of an allover color, you can also try painted highlights."

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Subtle Money Piece

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"Blonde dimensional balayage with subtle money pieces is a perfect balance of soft warm and cool highlight shades throughout the mid-lengths and ends," says Richy Kandasamy, a colorist and R+Co collective member. "Always make sure to brighten up the silhouette of the facial features with some baby lights to balance the eye color and soften the cheekbones."

Think of this highlight combo as a natural progression of the chunky money piece trend of last year.

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Cinnamon Chestnut Brown

Not quite red yet not quite brunette, this cinnamon chestnut brown shade is a great option for brunettes who want to lean into the warm copper tones that are trending for fall without fully committing. "This is a warm medium brown that is perfect for someone coming off of the bright red trend and wanting something a little more low-maintenance," says Emaly Baum, a celebrity colorist and founder of Beauty Supply Salon in New York City. "Similarly, it's great for someone who has been doing the dark sultry brunette and wants to explore different variations of brown."

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Rich Golden Highlights

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If you're a blonde whose summer plans consisted of afternoons at the pool or beach, Baum says rich golden highlights will revive your color for the fall. "This refreshes the highlights and makes your hair look healthy and shiny," the colorist explains. "It gives depth back to your blonde and can help extend the last of your summer tan."

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Dimensional Rich Brunette

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Deep chocolate brown shades are in the forecast for fall — but with a twist. "We are going to see rich brunettes with subtle seamless highlights," Kandasamy. The blink-and-you-might-miss-them highlights add shine to hair and give it an overall healthier look after excess sun exposure during the summer.

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Copper Hair Color by Matt Rez
Matt Rez

The breakout hair color of the past year is still going strong for fall, and we have to say, it fits the season's unofficial color scheme.

Rez describes this color as red with an orange undertone that doesn't read purple or blue in any way. "Under the sun, there should almost be a gold reflect," the colorist says. "To personalize it, add a bit more brown to the color for a more dusty copper — this is great if you have a more neutral to warmer complexion with deeper color eyes."

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Solid Colors

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Let's repeat it one more time for anyone who can't hear it in the back: solid hair colors aren't boring. Bodt says monochromatic brown and blonde shades are going to be a hit for fall. This color choice is ideal for anyone who's looking for a low-maintenance color that doesn't require routine touch-ups.

Typically, these shades are close to one's natural hair color. "Barely there, low contrast color that adds just the right amount of movement to your hair," Baum says of this trend. "It often mimics what your hair looked like as a child and can look super chic."

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