The 5 Breakout Hair Colors of Fall 2021

Bored with your current hair situation? Try these trending colors.

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Facts are facts: the best hair color for you is whatever one you feel like. And while blonde, brunette, red, purple, turquoise, or any other color of the rainbow looks amazing any time of the year, some hair colors just hit different during the fall, as the leaves start to turn golden brown and the cool breeze rolls in.

So, if you like to enter each new season with a fresh look, you've found yourself in the right corner of the internet. And even though a global pandemic has changed the salon experience for the foreseeable future, it hasn't stopped many of us from wanting to refresh our hair professionally.

According to top colorists, the most-requested colors are all over the map. While some clients are still opting for low-maintenance shades or highlight techniques in order to minimize how often they need to go to the salon for touch ups, others are going for more dramatic color transformations like copper red

Below, three top colorists walk us through the hair colors trending for fall 2021. Read, then screenshot their predictions before you go to the salon.

Fall Hair Color Trends
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Latte Blonde

Cozy sweaters and hot lattes are synonymous with fall, and some cool weather staples have even inspired the season's hair color trends. Blondes who want to go darker for fall are opting for shades that look like their go-to coffee order. "Can you picture a latte blonde? Sort of like coffee with cream," Matrix ambassador Greg Gilmore says of the season's deeper blonde shades.

After undergoing any chemical lightening at the salon, Gilmore recommends incorporating Matrix's Unbreak My Blonde Collection, which consists of a shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment. These products are powered by citric acid, and designed to strengthen hair that's been damaged from chemical lightening. "During the lightening process these bonds are susceptible to damage, especially hydrogen and salt bonds, which are weak by nature," Gilmore explains. "Citric acid is unique because it reinforces these weakened bonds, which make up the majority of the hair fiber, every time you wash and style your hair, working to maintain your hair's integrity."

Dark Chocolate

Deep chocolate brown shades are in the forecast for fall. Think Dua Lipa's signature dark espresso color created by Jenna Perry, celebrity colorist and founder of Jenna Perry Hair Studio. "The key to a successful hair color is the right shampoo, conditioner and hair mask," says Perry. "I'm really into hair masking once a week to add moisture and shine for these colors."

We're fans of Olaplex's No.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask, a hydrating treatment for damaged hair that also boosts softness and shine.

Golden Copper

The breakout hair color of summer 2021 is still going strong for fall, and we have to say, it fits the season's unofficial color scheme. "It's a fiery play on strawberry blonde and is less conservative and more daring; it's an expressive tone of red," Perry, who's given Maude Apatow, Zoey Deutch, and Grace Van Patten coppery shades. "I think it is having a moment because many people can pull it off!"

Rez says if you've always wanted to go red, fall is the perfect time as all the colors in nature are warming up too.

Surprisingly, copper is a low-maintenance color as far as red hair goes. "Copper can actually be low maintenance because as it fades it is more golden than brassy," Perry explains. "To keep it fresh, I recommend more glossing in the salon or an at-home color depositing hair conditioner."

We recommend Christophe Robin's Shade Variation Hair Mask in Chic Copper, a conditioning treatment that revives fading hair.

Mushroom Bronde

Think of this color as a gorgeous optical illusion. "This color is a shade that can be seen as a blonde or a light brown depending on the lighting," says Matt Rez, celebrity colorist and Redken Ambassador. "A true mushroom tone has a grey background with a green reflect. As the weather is cooling off, it's a great way to venture into the cooler tones in a best of both worlds 'bronde' shade."

Rez recommends using a blue-toned shampoo and conditioner like Redken's Color Extend Brownlights products to maintain the cool undertones of this color. "This shampoo and conditioner are specially designed to nourish colored hair and have a blue pigment to keep brass tones at bay," he says.

Velvet Merlot

Cooler in tone than copper but not as dark as mulled wine, velvet merlot hair is a decadent shade of red that's also having a moment for fall. "The richness in tone that red/violet hues give will be so appropriate for the winter months and less harsh on the hair as well," says Gilmore. "Although they may be high maintenance with toning every salon visit, the health that those larger pigments give to the hair will be well worth it." Bored of balayage highlights? Here, Keke Palmer has added red velvet streaks to her merlot base.

Chemically-treated red hair tends to fade faster than other colors. To keep hair vibrant longer, Gilmore recommends adding Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid Shampoo and Conditioner to your shower. "This collection is sulfate-free and will provide the hair with the nourishment it needs to keep the color lasting longer as well as protecting the cuticle layer of the hair," he says.

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