Bored with your current hair situation? Try these trending colors.

By Erin Lukas
Aug 10, 2020 @ 2:30 pm
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The Hair Colors You'll See Everywhere This Fall
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Facts are facts: the best hair color for you is whatever one you feel like.

And while blonde, brunette, red, purple, turquoise, or any other color of the rainbow looks amazing any time of the year, some hair colors just hit different during the fall, as the leaves start to turn golden brown and the cool breeze rolls in.

So, if you like to enter each new season with a fresh look, you've found yourself in the right corner of the internet.

Even though a global pandemic has changed the salon experience for the foreseeable future, it hasn't stopped many of us from wanting to get our hair dyed by a professional.

According to top colorists, the most-requested colors are all over the map. Some clients are opting for low-maintenance shades or highlight techniques to in order to minimize how often they need to go to the salon for touch ups, while others are making up for lost time with their colorist by going full-on bright blonde or whimsy pastel pink.

Below, two expert colorists walk us through the hair colors trending for fall 2020. Read, then screenshot their predictions before you go to the salon (with your mask on).

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Bright Blonde

While going blonde does require some upkeep, for celebs like Emily Ratajkowski, a natural brunette, there is no better time than now to try an entirely new look. Because hey, if you end up not liking the color on you, barely anyone is going to see it.

For bottle blondes, purple shampoo is a must-have product in your shower. Ratajkowski, who is a Kérastase brand ambassador, is a fan of the brand's Blond Absolu Anti-Brass Purple Shampoo. The formula protects blonde hair against brassiness and dryness.

Cherry Red

Bored of balayage highlights? Biolage brand ambassador Sunnie Brook says cherry red streaks are trending for fall. Swap caramel balayage for red or go for a more blended look like Keke Palmer.

Chunky Highlights

"There are some clients who want to express themselves in these times, and want a complete change because life is so limited these days," Brook shares. "These clients seem to be wanting to go blonder, particularly just around the face with chunky highlights (party in the front!)." Take Beyoncé's two face-framing honey blonde streaks for example.

When going blonde or adding lighter pieces to your hair, Brook suggests doing a healing mask treatment that will repair and strengthen damage from the coloring process. She likes Biolage's Recovery Advanced Deep Treatment Mask.


For anyone who's content with their current color and just wants their hair to "look better," a gloss is your answer. "Everyone loves super shiny hair, and doing glosses allows you to enhance or neutralize your current hair without a serious commitment," says Sean Godard, Ulta Beauty pro team member and colorist.

While a gloss can refresh any hair color, chocolate brunettes like Kacey Musgraves will appreciate the added shine. Since dark brown hair can get dull and brassy fairly quickly, this treatment is an easy, affordable way to revive your color — without leaving your house. Godard's go-to gloss is Redken Shades EQ because the demi-permanent color conditions hair and comes in nearly 100 shades. He also notes that Ulta Beauty’s GLAMlab app has launched a try-on tool that gives you the opportunity to experiment or help you find your perfect shade.

Shadow Roots

"A root shadow works great to help disguise or blend older grown out highlights to accommodate shorter salon sessions or even tighter budgets," Goddard explains. This highlighting technique maintains the darker color at the roots and transitions down to a lighter color at the end.

If you want to soften up the contrast between your roots and highlights, Brook recommends touching the area up with a root concealer such as Color Wow Root Cover Up.

Pastel Pink

The breakout quarantine hair trend is still going strong as life starts to open back up. While pastel pink works best on already-bleached bases, there are semi-permanent products like OverTone, which are formulated specifically for dark hair.

So, if going pink is on your hair color bucket list, why wait? You can do allover color for a bolder look, or ease your way into the color with cotton candy pink balayage. Lime Crime's Unicorn Hair Color is another semi-permanent option that's easy to DIY the look before fully committing.