Women Are Using Dunkin' Donuts Coffee to Do What?

Brings new meaning to the term color scheme.

We're always intrigued by natural alternatives to our regular beauty rituals, but some of the seemingly wild internet hacks are more successful than others.

The latest rogue mission is in the name of hair color, with women actually using their daily Dunkin' Donuts coffee to dye their strands. According to Yahoo Beauty, here's how it goes down: Brew your DD coffee, then allow it to cool completely. Next women shampoo their hair, then mix the cooled java with two cups of conditioner until smooth. Apply to strands (cover those roots) and let sit for an hour. Supposedly when you rinse you'll be left with the color of your roasted coffee dreams.

We haven't tried this budget-friendly shortcut to hair color, but we'd be lying if we didn't admit to some skepticism. While we totally believe it has worked for some, it feels like too much of a gamble. With our luck, we'd have all kinds of uneven color throughout our mane. And while smelling like our favorite morning beverage feels like a plus, still seems risky. We'll stick to drinking our coffee, instead of applying it to our hair.

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