Ariel Winter's Pink Highlights Are a Spin on Quarantine's Breakout Hair Trend

She's one of the many celebs who have gone pink since the pandemic hit.

Ariel Winter's Pink Highlights
Photo: Getty Images

When there were no more puzzles to do or sourdough bread to bake, people began to experiment with DIY hair colors while social distancing at home. That's how pink hair became the unexpected breakout hair trend during the first few months of the pandemic.

Even celebs like January Jones, Dua Lipa, and Jennifer Love Hewitt got in on the trend, using semi-permanent dye that eventually washes out after a handful of shampoos.

Sure, the risks are low when it comes to temporary hair colors, but if you've held off on going pink because you're not sure how the color will look as it fades and washes out, let Ariel Winter convince you to just go ahead and do the damn thing.

The actress recently debuted platinum blonde hair and subtle pastel pink highlights while heading into a LA studio with boyfriend Luke Benward.

Ariel Winter's Pink Highlights
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And no, odds are Winter didn't go to a salon or grab another jar of temporary hair dye to achieve this look. Her light, ombré-highlights are most likely the remnants of when she dyed her hair cotton candy pink over Labor Day weekend in September.

VIDEO: Ariel Winter Went Strawberry Blonde

So, when you find yourself considering ordering some pink hair dye online once cabin fever hits this winter, let Winter's effortless, two-looks-in-one convince you to take a hair risk. And hey, if you aren't feeling your pastel hair, you can always turn your Zoom camera off.

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