Expect To See These Hair Colors Everywhere in 2021

A few may be surprising.

Hair Color Trends for 2021
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In one way or another, we all missed out on something in 2020.

Not many of us got the full opportunity to express ourselves publicly, all because of the pandemic and social distancing restrictions. With these barriers, I foresee this year's biggest hair color trends rolling into 2021, since people have been waiting for the opportunity to show them off to the world.

That's why I'm predicting that significant hair trends we've seen rise in popularity, like the money piece and vivid colors, are going to stick around — but expect a few new twists.

Find out more about what I think will be trending in 2021, ahead.

Vivid Colors

hair color trends 2021
Photography: Eric Blackmon/Makeup: Carmen Dianne/ Hair: DaRico Jackson

Trending vivid colors like corals and peaches will stay in demand, but people will be ready to try newer shades, such as deep orange or different shades of blue — blue is the new black.

I'm a hairstylist that started in the early '90s when we were getting frequent client requests for jet blue-black. And in 2020, many of my clients have started requesting blue highlights again, "bluelights," as I call them, or dyeing their dark hair with a blue hue over it — it gives a beautiful cast over dark hair.

I anticipate these clients will start booking maintenance appointments for 2021 to keep their blue locks.

I also foresee plums and burgundies as popular colors as we move into spring. The red hues are versatile because you can apply them to brunette and black hair to add dimension. One of my favorite shades in this family of colors is Wella Colorcharm Paints in Raspberry.

hair color trends 2021

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The best thing about vivid colors is that it allows people to express their individuality, and while I anticipate new colors to start trending widely, each person and stylist has their own spin on bringing them to life.

According to the latest Wella Colorcharm Trend Report, which pairs original research of a representative sample of 1,000 US women with expert commentary, one in three women say they would be interested in trying a vivid hair color. And there's no better time than right now to start experimenting.

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hair color trends 2021

Many of my clients have been opting for gray enhancements to play up their natural silver color that grew out during the pandemic.

There has also been a surge of blonde requests. One of the natural progressions is starting with chunky blonde highlights or balayage, and by fault or default, elevating to platinum blonde or silver hair.

Due to this increase in demand, I can see continued progression of this trend, as metallics become a popular option.

I recently did a shoot and styled a wig that started as yellow-blonde color. I used Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Violet Toning Mask to tone down the brassiness and bring out a beautiful, bright metallic silver-gray. When I showed my clients the photo, they said, "When I start going gray, I want to go silver!"

hair color trends 2021

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When it comes to maintenance, I suggest Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo and conditioner to all my blonde and silver haired clients. It's my favorite purple shampoo to keep blonde and gray hair silvery and brass-free.

hair color trends 2021

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hair color trends 2021

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The Money Piece 2.0

The money piece will be reinvented in 2021. It is arguably one of the most defining hair trends in recent history. This style is low maintenance, edgy, and versatile. It allows clients to play with color, whether their hair texture is curly, kinky-straight, or layered.

It is a less intimidating option for many who are new to the DIY hair coloring. In fact, the Wella trend report revealed that more than 20% of women are interested in testing out the face-framing highlight. This heightened interest will only continue to grow.

I think it's the perfect style for those who want to play with new shades, but don't want to commit to dyeing all their hair. I see a lot of people starting with a blonde money piece and then adding vivid colors. To have just a splash of color around their face makes people feel like they're doing something progressive.

In 2021, I believe we will see the money piece evolve from blonde to metallic and even to trending vivid shades like orange, blue, or burgundy.

Embrace the Trends

Regardless of your personal style, capitalize on the opportunity to experiment with your look in 2021. Use this fresh start to do something for yourself and progress forward with these beautiful color opportunities.

The confidence I see my clients gain from trying a new look or color continues to motivate and inspire me to test new trends. I'm excited to see what this new year brings, and at the very least, even if nothing else goes right, I know we can still control our hair color.

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