It makes all my hair days good.

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When I was born, I came into this world with a full head of hair. It’s what my mom saw before she saw my face. To know me is to probably recognize my hair before you see me. And if you don’t see my hair that’s probably because I’m sitting on it.

My hair has become my calling card and for that reason, in all my 27 years of living, I have never once thought about drastically cutting it. Short hair would be easy but short hair just wouldn’t be very me. Keeping my hair extremely long, though, definitely comes at a price. It tangles into large knots with no warning. Waking up with bedhead is not something I can just shake off because my head actually looks like a nest. If I want to style it with braids or buns or multiple ponytails, the chances of it lasting throughout the day are practically zero. I go through so many bottles of shampoo and conditioner a month.

The biggest issue with my hair, though, isn’t handling it at home, because there I have my whole arsenal of supplies plus my puppy who sits at my feet and gives me moral support. The most frustrating thing with my mane is that, on-the-go I have no idea what to do. To concentrate at work, so I’m not quite literally twiddling my thumbs with strands of my hair, I put it all up in a bun. And after eight hours or more at my desk I let it loose, but it’s always in need of a touch up by that point. That’s where I’m lost. I don’t know what to do.

My hair requires so much work, but bringing a huge tub of hairspray, my favorite brush, or detangler spray isn’t just illogical, it’s impossible. It would be more than annoying to carry so much of that around with me everywhere and plus, none of it can fit into my tiniest microbag.

Amazon seemed like the right place to search for a solution to this issue and that’s how I found the Go-Comb, one of the more bizarre products I’ve ever encountered. It’s essentially a brush that’s also a mirror and it’s thin enough to fit into not just your too-small-to-be-functional bag but also your wallet. I’d never seen anything like it and purchased one for just $16 right away.

The comb has now become my go-to hair tool. Yes, it’s definitely not the Dyson Blow Dryer or the viral Revoln Hair Dryer Brush, but it’s not trying to be. It’s the perfect travel comb that helps me part my hair and prep it for any kind of styling. It helps me quickly remove any knots that take refugee in my hair during the day. If I need to fix something while on the subway or at my desk, it’s also helpful that it’s a mirror too. I’ve actually used it to apply mascara more than a couple of times. Best of all it’s impossible to forget when I leave my apartment in a rush every morning because it’s the same size as my credit card and sits alongside the important documents in my wallet.

Now, if you see me from afar you’ll definitely see my hair, longer than my hips, covering up a huge chunk of my face. But the first thing you’ll probably notice is the tiny little shiny comb in my hands running it’s teeth through my locks.

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Go-Comb Wallet Comb and Mirror

Go-Comb Wallet Comb & Mirror Travel Mirror
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