Phoenix Hair - Video Lead
Credit: Courtesy

Lisa Frank notebooks and binders aside, every ‘90s kid’s ultimate goal was ownership of anything glow-in-the-dark—whether it was a pair of LA Gear LA Lights sneakers or a graphic tee. Now, thanks to hair colorist Guy Tang, you can embrace your love of all things glow-in-the-dark as a grown-up. Meet phoenix hair, Instagram’s latest hair color trend.

To create the neon rainbow colors, Tang uses Kendra Color Creative Neon Collection Dye. These dyes come in six shades so you can choose how many stripes will be in your own fluorescent rainbow, although Tang mostly sticks to orange and pink, hence the technique’s moniker. Before applying the color, Tang bleaches the hair back-to-back to get the base shade as light as possible so that the rainbow colors will really stick.

While the technicolor strands will look like your average rainbow dye job, under black light, the vibrant colors will literally look like they’re rising from the darkness, just like the mythical creature that gives this trend its name.

Forget glow sticks, you have your hair. To see phoenix hair in all of its glowing, mesmerizing glory, watch Tang’s YouTube tutorial below, and his Instagram snaps that have taken over our feeds.