7 Low-Maintenance Haircut Trends to Try This Fall

The search for your next cut is over.

Fall Celebrity Hairstyle Inspiration
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Mid-summer reality check: Fall is just around the corner.

While 2020 will go down as one of the most unpredictable years of our lifetime, there are still some things you can still count on. Like clockwork, the onset of a new season comes with the irresistible desire to switch up your current hairstyle.

Although most salons have reopened, you might be looking for a haircut that will last you months before you need to get another trim. Luckily, this fall's trends are all low-maintenance looks, including options for all hair types and lengths.

"The impact of COVID-19 on fall hair trends will definitely have people leaning towards styles that are low maintenance," says celebrity hairstylist Nate Rosenkranz. "These cuts continue to look great as they grow out, allowing for even more longevity between haircuts, and looks that are easy to style or look their best when air dried."

When choosing your fall look, take into consideration whether you've kept haircare routine minimal throughout quarantine, and if you're up for a cut that requires heavy styling every day.

Celebrity hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein suggests going with a cut that enhances your hair texture, rather than works against it.

"Choose styles that you can style yourself or wear naturally," she says. "I personally love looks like this anyway! Maybe it's being French born, but I love natural texture, overgrown bangs, or some frizz."

Here, the two top stylists filled us in on what haircuts everyone will be asking for when they go to the salon this fall.

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Short Layers

"This style was seeing a comeback pre-COVID, but it's still a great look to consider going into the fall given its ease and low maintenance — especially for those opting to wear their hair natural," says Rosenkranz.

While adding short layers to an existing cut is a great option for anyone looking to make a change without losing any length, Rosenkrnaz notes that the look really enhances natural curls and waves. Take Selena Gomez's shaggy layers and bangs for example.

He recommends drying your hair with a T-shirt or microfiber towel then following up with diffuser attachment to minimize frizz. Rosenzhranz is a fan of BIO IONIC's 10X Ultralight Speed Dryer and Universal Diffuser.

Pixies & Buzzcuts

Fall 2020 Haircut Trends
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What's more effortless than cutting all of your hair off? Throughout quarantine, celebs like Ruby Rose have opted for a truly minimal haircare routine by giving themselves DIY buzzcuts.

"It's a super cool, confident, no BS, badass look," says Rubenstein. "I absolutely LOVE super short hair on women."

If you want to keep a bit of length on top, go with a short, choppy pixie like Zoe Kravtiz's signature look. Tousling your hair with your fingers will give you a bit of texture, but you can also run a bit of pomade through it to get a piecey finish. We recommend Pattern Beauty's Curl Gel, which was designed for textured hair, but holds styles on all hair types.

One Length

Fall 2020 Haircut Trends
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"Long, one-length cuts will be in because there is virtually no maintenance required and this look is super easy to style," says Rosenkranz.

Since the cut's defining factor is leaving out layers, it works across all hair types and textures. The styling options are virtually endless, too. Wear a longer one-length cut down like Sophie Turner or pull it up into a high ponytail or bun. Rosenkranz recommends using a cloth-covered scrunchie, like the ones by Goody, to prevent pulling and breakage.

'70s Bangs

The quarantine hair struggle has been real for anyone with bangs. Since monthly trims might not be realistic during the pandemic, switch to a longer style that grows out gracefully such as Camila Cabello's curtain bangs.

"You don't need to rush to the salon to have these bangs trimmed every couple of weeks or get crazy at home with the scissors," says Rubenstein. "I love '70s bangs with any length of hair or any texture — curly, wavy, or straight."

She recommends blowing them out (but not too perfectly) with a big round brush or wearing them natural. Try Raincry's round brush, if you're into this styling technique. The magnesium alloy barrel locks in styles while simultaneously preventing damage.

Chin-Length Bob

Fall 2020 Haircut Trends
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Also known as the bob, chin-length cuts aren't going anywhere. The look remains widely popular because of its versatility. Wear curly, wavy, or sleek like Tiffany Haddish.

"Whether straight, natural with a bend, wavy, or totally curly, chin-length bobs are a classic trend," says Rubenstein. "Fall's high necklines on clothes and short hair are a perfect pairing."

While bobs typically require trims to maintain the length, a blunt finish with minimal layers still look great as hair gets longer. For a super sleek finish like Haddish's bob, run a flat iron over your hair after you blow it out. For this look, try T3 SinglePass X 1.5-Inch Wide Flat Iron. The wide plates cover large sections of hair, which in turn, will cut down styling time.

The Lob

Fall 2020 Haircut Trends
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Like the bob, the lob is also still going strong in 2020. The clavicle-length cut is just as versatile, but a great option for anyone who doesn't want to go too short.

If you're a fan of bedhead waves like Dua Lipa, use a flat iron to create S-shaped bends throughout your hair. Then, finish things off with a spitz of texturizing spray like Oribe's cult-favorite Texturizing Spray to get that lived-in texture.

Undercut Bob

Fall 2020 Haircut Trends
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Move over blunt bob: a new take on the classic cut is joining the conversation for fall 2020. Enter the undercut bob as seen on Taraji P. Henson at the 2019 Emmy Awards.

'The undercut bob is a great option because it continues to look great even as it grows out," says Rosenkranz. "This style can be worn a multitude of ways: natural, blown out straight or adding in texture, waves and curl."

Rosenkranz says you can get multiple looks out of an undercut bob before you need to return to the salon for a trim. "You can start with a chin length bob, then it will move on to an above the shoulder bob, then shoulder length bob, then a lob or just below the shoulder," he shares.

Whether you want to style your undercut bob straight or wavy, you only need one tool to achieve both looks. A flat iron with beveled edges like ghd's Platinum+ Styler is guaranteed to do the trick. The design of this hot tool doesn't leave creases or dents in the hair.

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