By Instyle
Updated Sep 26, 2018 @ 12:00 pm
Mauve Champagne Hair
Credit: Mireya Acierto/Getty Images

Brunettes love to add caramel, spicy highlights for fall, but what are platinum blondes doing to beef up their fall hair game? Apparently, adding a bit of purple.

The next big hair color trend for fall 2018 is "metallic champagne mauve," a pale blonde shade with pastel purple, golden, and silver tints, originally dubbed by Arizona-based hair colorist Tara Nicole. The usual suggestion for blondes itching for a change come fall is to just go darker, so this is an unexpected, and quite frankly refreshing, switch.

And according to New York City-based hair colorist Stephanie Brown, for anyone who already has pale blonde, platinum blonde, or pastel blonde hair, it's totally realistic and an easy transition. If Brown was to create this color, she says she'd start by lightening the hair and then toning it with a purple or pink shade.

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The color is a little edgier than your standard golden blonde and it gives platinum or silver hair lots of dimension, but there is one undeniable downside. The maintenance is real.

"To take care of this hair color, I suggest not washing everyday," says Brown. "'Fashion' colors tend to fade faster than other color because it’s just deposit usually."

And "fading fast," according to Eddie Rubinov, colorist and co-owner of Eddie Arthur Salon in New York City, says is only about four to six shampoos. By then, he says the color will just be a pale blonde. In addition to cutting down shampoos, he recommends coming into the salon every three weeks or so to refresh, color, or tone.

You'll also have to be sure you're using color-safe hair products so they don't warp or lift the color out of your hair.

Looks like pumpkin spice latte hair has some serious competition.