Sure, using a toner for your hair color isn't a new concept, but if the skin on your scalp happens to be dry, oily, or downright irritated, you might want to invest in a toner for that area. Although we often forget to treat the skin on our scalp, it also needs some TLC, particularly if you find that your hair hasn't exactly been the picture of health lately.

With a similar function as the toner you use in your nightly skincare regime, Younghee's Essential Rinse helps to remove any residue from lingering hair products from your scalp, and helps to balance oil production. When used regularly, you'll probably find that you actually wash your hair less than you used to.

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The Essential Rinse is available in two formulas, designed to address just about every issue out there—the apple cider vinegar-infused option is designed to clarify the scalp, making it an ideal option for dandruff-prone scalps, whereas the refreshing mint version is fantastic for hair that tends to get oily. Another added bonus? You can use either formula in between shampoos to give your root area a refresh. Just work a small amount into your roots, then blow-dry or style as usual.

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To use the toners in the shower, you'll want to put them on after you shampoo, but before conditioning. Apply the product to your scalp, and massage in using your fingers. Allow it to work its magic for a few minutes, then rinse out, and follow with conditioner as you would. The products officially launch on May 5th for $29 per bottle on