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Another reason to stay in bed and binge on Netflix? Turns out, the environment can really mess with your hair. OK, in all seriousness, we’re not suggesting that you stay indoors all day, everyday, but there’s no denying that the sun, pollution in the air, and the weather can take a toll on your hair. In fact, many brands have formulated hair collections designed specifically to combat the effects of the environment around us. Because really, nothing should stop you from having a good hair day.

Nexxus's new City Shield collection is composed of products made with a phyto-protein complex, among other ingredients, that creates a barrier to protect and defend hair against urban environmental agressors. This can include a change in temperature, the sun, humidity, dirt and dust, and even pollution.

"You have pollution, but you have the environment you’re out in, mostly sun damage and changing climates. In and out of humidity, for example, can disrupt your style," says Kevin Mancuso, the Nexxus Global Creative Director and a licensed trichologist. "The concern is more creating a moisture balance and a barrier that helps keep your hair protected from the sun, insulated from extreme heat and UV rays, and then also having a barrier that protects your hair so that when it’s affected by moisture, it takes a lot more time for it to be affected."

For example, this particular protect range is made with a 24-hour humidity-fighting protection that keeps your style in check longer. The three-piece line features the Nexxus City Shield Sheer Frizz Resistance Shampoo ($11; target.com), the Nexxus City Shield Conditioner ($17; target.com), and the Nexxus City Shield DD-Crème ($19; target.com).

"When women go in and out of air conditioning, it’s the most impactful. It’s a constant change. Your hair is accommodating to dryness in office and then you go outside and it’s like a sponge and becomes really frizzy."

By cleansing and maintaining the integrity of the hair shaft using ingredients like Indian Lotus Flower, it was also designed to help defend against pollution that Mancuso says can collect on the strands and the scalp and then migrate "​deeper into the hair follicle, which can cause oxidative stress and hair loss." However, he mentions this would take a very long time.

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But Nexxus isn't nearly the first brand to launch a line with these concerns in mind. Products with UV protection are a plenty, with hair sunscreens being an ever-growing category. Bed Head Beach Bound Protection Spray for Colour Hair ($19; ulta.com) is one of our favorites.

Shu Uemura's new Urban Moisture line also defends against these environmental-related issues by deeply cleaning and refreshing hair that's dry and dull with needed hydration, thanks to products like the Urban Moisture Hydro-Nourishing Shampoo ($48; barneys.com).