Emily Ratajkowski Is Now a Blonde

TBD if she's having more fun.

Emily Ratajkowski Dyes Her Hair Blonde
Photo: John Shearer/Getty Images

In this edition of celebrity quarantine hair makeovers: signature brunette Emily Ratajkowski is now officially a blonde.

The actress and Kérastase spokesperson's new honey blonde hair color was done in partnership with the brand, and she debuted her new look on Instagram on June 23.

Known for her long, tousled, chocolate brown waves, the actress had virgin hair prior to going into her color transformation. But we have to admit, she looks freaking amazing as a blonde.

"I've never colored my hair or changed the length significantly in my entire life! I'm absolutely thrilled that Kérastase gave me their blessing to become a blonde," she said in an email statement from the brand. "I just celebrated my birthday and am so happy to be coming out of quarantine with a fresh new look. Beauty is meant to be fun and expressive and this is definitely, hands down, the most fun I've ever had with my look before."

Although the look is still fresh, Ratajkowsi is already putting her new blonde hair to work.

She'll star in a campaign for Kérastase's Blond Absolu collection, a range of products specifically for blonde hair, lauching in January 2021.

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"We planned it for so many months and now finally did it!! Love how we embark on these adventures together," wrote Kérastase's global president Rosa Carrico on Instagram.

TBD if Emily is having more fun yet.

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