This $8 TikTok-Viral Hair Mask Is the Key to Detangling My 4A Curls

It cuts wash day in half.

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This $8 TikTok-Viral Hair Mask Is the Key to Detangling My 4A Curls
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Those in my inner circle often refer to me as "the hair chameleon," seeing my mane go from box braids to sew-in weaves and edgy bobs every couple of months. I enjoy the versatility that protective styles give me so I can try out different hair textures, colors, and lengths with minimal commitment.

However, living this life is not always the kindest to my 4A curls; switching styles so frequently wreaks havoc on my curl pattern. The crown of my hair will tend to have looser curls than the edges, and the overall time it takes to detangle multiple curl patterns could keep me from changing up my hair in the first place. That is, until a friend introduced me to the $8 Elizavecca Hair Protein Treatment.

Elizavecca cer-100 collagen coating hair protein treatment

Shop now: $8;

Formulated with ceramide 3, waxy lipids that seal in the moisture, it works as a conditioning agent to strengthen the hair shaft and lock in nutrients. It is super hydrating and repairing for over-processed and -manipulated hair, whether from chemicals, coloring, or excess protective styles without time in between.

Each time I apply the treatment, I notice my hair drinking it in and thriving thanks to the formula, changing my detangling time from 30 minutes to 10 minutes. In fact, after the very first use, it became a top contender in my haircare arsenal. Plus, several of my friends now use the mask, and with all our varying hair types and conditions, it really does work wonders for all of us. It also didn't take long for TikTok users to discover and love this hair treatment. As one TikToker says, "Toss all your other products to the side."

Amazon shoppers also deem this small but mighty treatment as "magic in a bottle." One shopper even loves it for the baby-soft results. "[It's] literally magic in a tube… when I rinse it out, I cannot believe how healthy and soft my hair feels." When it comes to easy detangling, smoothing of hair, and better overall appearance, look no further than the Elizavecca Hair Protein Treatment. Buy it for $8 on Amazon.

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