10 Easy Summer Hairstyles to Recreate If You Have Long Hair

Here's all the hairspiration you need.

Truth be told, there are a number of factors that play into whether you have a good or a bad hair day. Sure, you've discovered which haircare products and hairstyles are most likely to wield hair commercial-worthy tresses, but alas, sometimes that just doesn't cut it. Rainy days, heat, and humidity can all make styling your long hair that much more difficult. If you've ever straightened your strands on a humid day, you'll know that by the afternoon those bone-straight locks start looking like candy floss (read: frizzy with tons of flyaways). So to help you out, we turned to celebrity hairstylist Joseph Maine and Sebastian Professional hairstylist Anthony Cole who shared their favorite 'dos for long hair in the summer, along with styling tips.

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Curls and Cornrows

In the summer, humidity can make curly hair go from big to bigger — and this look is all about glamming up that natural texture. "I used cornrows to create an effortless feel," says Cole.

  1. Start by taking a V-shape section of hair near the fringe and pin it away.
  2. Part your hair down the middle and brush the back half into a ponytail below the crown of your head, leaving the middle section of your hair out.
  3. "With the loose hair, create three rounded cornrows in a C-shape, braiding down the head. Repeat on the other side of the part," instructs Cole.
  4. "Take out the ponytail containing the back half of the hair and weave big bobby pins into the loose hair to hold it in shape."
  5. Finish by spraying with Sebastian Professional Shaper and Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper Hairspray to help stop frizz and hold the shape, recommends Cole.

French Twist — With a Twist

Try out this modern take on a French twist by adding a pop of color and turning the twist upside down.

  1. "I started off this look by adding texture to the hair using Color Wow Style on Steroids Color-Safe Texture Spray. This texturizer helps to create updos and hold shapes, especially if your hair is a silky texture," says Maine.
  2. He then added a colored clip-in hair extension and back-combed the back of the hair to create a strong foundation for the hairpins.
  3. "Next, I pulled all the hair to the left and started adding bobby pins from the bottom," he says. "The pins serve as the anchor for U-pins that hold the twist in place."
  4. Following this, Maine twisted all the hair from the left side of the head around the end of a comb, while leaving the ends of the hair hanging down.
  5. "Once the twist is the shape you desire, use U-pins to lock the twist into the bobby pin barrier you created earlier," says the stylist.
  6. "Secure the style with Color Wow Cult Favorite Firm and Flexible Hairspray."

The Renaissance Braid

For this style, Cole put most of the hair up to create a loose and effortless Renaissance feel. "This look is great for evening and daytime and helps contain frizz that might usually be at the crown of your head in the summer," shares the stylist.

  1. "To recreate this style, section off the top of your hair from the temple to the crown and create a deep side part. Apply Sebastian Professional Craft Clay to provide control before braiding," instructs Cole.
  2. Next, take a thick section of hair at the hairline and create two simple braids, meet them at the back of your head, and fasten with a bobby pin.
  3. "Use your fingers to pull at the braids to make them appear larger," says Cole.
  4. Finish with a flexible hold hairspray.

"Pinapple" Ponytail

Yara Shahidi natural summer updo
@yarashahidi / Instagram.

In general, but especially during the summer, stylists stress to work with, rather than against, your natural texture. Those with natural curls can follow Yara Shahidi's lead and throw their hair up into a simple high ponytail. Cascading curls create a "pineapple" effect that feels fun and flirty. Pull out a few pieces from the crown for a look that is visually — and quite literally — effortless.

Halo Hair

This look might become your new summer go-to, it's super simple and all you need is a pack of elastic bands.

  1. "I started by creating a center part and used a sectioning comb to create little squares from the center of the part to the ears," says Maine.
  2. "Following this, I tied little ponytails using elastic bands and added in the previous section of hair as I went along."
  3. Maine finished the style by pulling out the sections of hair between the elastic bands to create a bubble effect.

Faux Braided Pixie

This style is great if you want to see what you look like with short hair but don't want to make the commitment of a big haircut.

  1. Start by splitting the hair into two sections from ear-to-ear, and bring the front half forward. Divide the hair into four ponytails and secure with small rubber bands.
  2. "Braid each ponytail and secure with another rubber band at the ends. Repeat the process to the back section of hair, creating four more braids — eight braids total," says Cole.
  3. "Mist Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity over each braid for a light hold and use your fingers to open the braids and create volume. The more you open the braid, the more volume you get."
  4. Continue by wrapping a braid around the head and securing with bobby pins as you go, then move on to the next braid, creating a circular pattern around the head.

Chic Chignon

Gemma Chan with hair in a chignon
Getty Images

Originating from the French phrase "chignon du cou," or "bun at the nape of the neck," chignons are an easy, elegant way to create a more formal summer style. Maine created this look on Gemma Chan by sectioning out the front of her hair and putting the rest back in a low ponytail.

  1. "Once I secured the ponytail, I used the ends of my fingers to pull up some height at the crown of her head," shares the stylist.
  2. "Then I pulled the front of her hair around to the ponytail, secured it in place with pins, and used a sectioning comb to pull out little pieces of hair around her face."
  3. Next, Maine sprayed the ponytail with Color Wow Style on Steroids Color-Safe Texture Spray, before wrapping it into a chignon shape and securing it with U-pins. "The spray helps to give the hair grit to hold volume and pins," he explains.
  4. "I glossed the style with Color Wow Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray, for the perfect red carpet finish."

Natural, Voluminous Curls

Tracee Ellis Ross curly, voluminous natural hair with red lipstick

@traceeellisross / Instagram

Pattern founder, Tracee Ellis Ross, knows curls. And as we could expect, her own natural curly mane is flawless. While protective styles are a great way to wear natural hair during the summer — and beyond — letting your locks loose can feel liberating. The trick, however, is the right cut and products. To keep your shape from becoming too blocky, ask your stylist to incorporate long layers. And make sure to invest in the right haircare regime, with a focus on hydrating products since dry hair is prone to frizz and flyaways.

Embellished Ponytail

Adding jewelry to the hair is on-trend for summer and looks great for any occasion. "During the summer, I like to pull the hair back to help with frizz. When the hair is contained it looks sharp, bold and pretty, and hair jewelry or accessories add even more interest," says Cole. "I created this look for Christian Siriano's New York Fashion Week show. The rings in the hair were inspired by the belts and bags in his collection, which were adorned with the same gold loops."

  1. Section the hair from above your hair recession down to the back of the crown and clip away temporarily. "Pull the remaining hair on the sides back into a low ponytail," instructs Cole.
  2. Unclip the top section and comb back. Starting right on top of the low ponytail, weave the circle hair accessory through the hair, looping three times and leaving the remaining hair loose.
  3. "I like to emulsify one pump of Sebastian Professional Microweb Fiber in my hands and distribute it into the loose hair for added grip," shares the stylist.
  4. "Create a three-strand braid with the remaining hair and secure it with an elastic band. Pull at the hair in the braid lightly to expand and create a fuller look."
  5. Finish by dousing with hairspray to smooth down any flyaways and secure the braid in place.

Triple Top Knot

Katie Holmes with hair in three vertical buns

Getty Images

The triple top knot — which Maine created on Katie Holmes — is a foolproof way to look like a style icon this summer.

  1. Begin by splitting her hair into three horizontal sections and creating three messy buns from the middle of the head to the back. "Make sure there is some space between the buns, you don't want the style to look like a mohawk," says Maine.
  2. "Pull the buns out a bit after you have secured them for a fuller look."
  3. "Finish by using Color Wow Root Coverup Powder to fill in your hairline and make the hair appear fuller."
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