The 5 Best Low Maintenance Protective Styles to Try This Spring

The more frizz, the better.

Low Maintenance Protective Hairstyles
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We definitely remember a time when there were limited options for protective styles. But in recent years, things have started to change for the better.

Today, it's easier than ever to find a unique way to give your curls a break, as well as some added relief from humidity or the frigid temperatures unpredictable spring weather can bring. And thankfully, the pressure to keep the style prim and proper has been lifted, thanks to some low maintenance 'dos that look just as great with a little added frizz as when you leave your braider's chair.

However, just because you don't have to spend as much time worrying about how your braids or twists will age, doesn't mean you should neglect scalp care while you have in a protective style. Carol's Daughter's Wash Day Delight Shampoo as well as the Master Cleanse Scalp Treatment Wash and Mint Condition Tingling Scalp Conditioner from TPH by Taraji all are great cleansing products to use with an install. These products are lightweight, won't leave behind any build-up, and also offer a targeted applicator to make sure the product can get directly onto the scalp.

But enough about wash day. Here, we've rounded up some of the best low maintenance hairstyles you can try out this spring that truly get better with time.

Passion Twists

Best Low Maintenance Protective Styles
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Passion Twists quickly became one of the most popular protective hairstyles of 2019, and it's clear this look isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Using ultra-curly braiding hair, the style is created by doing a simple two-strand twist and leaving a little bit of the ends out. It looks gorgeous whether it's fresh, or a few strands are out of place — and it's also quite versatile. You can wear it down, in a bun, or a ponytail, like Skai Jackson at the world premiere of Lion King this summer.

Babe Braids

Best Low Maintenance Protective Styles
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Zoe Kravitz has been sporting these braids for years, and we don't predict we'll be getting tired of them any time soon. You can achieve this look by using wavy human hair to create tiny plaits, then leaving out various portions of the ends. The actress typically wears hers with grown-out roots and a little added frizziness, so we're going to follow her lead.

Marley Twists

Best Low Maintenance Protective Styles
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Much like passion twists, the Marley style is created by using Afro braiding hair and doing two-strand twists right down to the ends. What makes this style great is not only the fact that it gets better with time, but it's also ultra-lightweight, so there's never any tension or pulling on your natural hair.

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Knotless Braids

Best Low Maintenance Protective Styles
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Knotless braids are the more natural-looking alternative to box braids (since there's no knot at the roots) and much like Babe Braids, love a little extra frizz. This look can be created with both synthetic or human hair, and if you're feeling Jhene Aiko's look, definitely opt to leave the ends out.

Faux Locs

Best Low Maintenance Protective Styles
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Faux Locs are the ultimate protective style, since your hair is literally wrapped underneath the extensions. Much like natural locs, this style looks even better as it ages and can be worn in several different ways. We love Meagan Good's braided side ponytail that she wore to the 2019 BET Awards.

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