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My biggest gripe with having bangs isn't the fact that they require a once-a-month salon appointment, or even how they stop me from wearing a beanie because, well, bedhead. I can deal with those daily annoyances. What I absolutely cannot deal with (and irritates me beyond belief!) is when my bangs split in the center.

I know that curtain bangs are very popular (and, tbh, I'm a huge fan of that '70s vibe), but my bangs are not cut to be curtain bangs. They are blunt, and they are cut straight across without any angles helping to frame them on the sides. They are only ever parted when my hair gets so long that they turn into side-swept bangs my Laguna Beach-loving, 17-year-old self would adore.

So, when they do split in the center, it makes my hair appear thinner than it really is, and just generally a little messy.

I complain about this to anyone who will listen, so it was great that the topic came up in conversation with someone who actually deals with styling bangs on a regular basis, celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend. In my opinion, he is the king of cutting bangs. Long before I actually met Mark Townsend, it was his work creating Reese Witherspoon's iconic bangs that actually convinced me to cut them in the first place. This time, I was meeting with him to learn more about Dove's new "Between-Washes" hair category, which is a genre of products like dry shampoo and moisturizing mists designed to help refresh and restyle your hair between your next wash day.

And yes, he had a simple solution for my bangs parting issue: a few spritzes of dry shampoo.

"I always say that hairspray sticks hairs together and dry shampoo separates them," he told me. "That’s why hair looks so much fuller after putting a ton of dry shampoo in there — because it literally keeps the hair from sticking together."

So, by spraying dry shampoo in my bangs, even when they're not oily, it'll prevent the hairs from clumping up into two sections and parting down the middle.

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I've tried Townsend's trick with the brand's new Invisible Dry Shampoo, and it made my bangs look fuller and lay evenly across my forehead. The bonus was that the product was light, didn't leave behind a dirty, coated-feeling, and I didn't have to worry about white residue.

Now, as long as I have a can of dry shampoo in my handbag and in my desk drawer, I really don't have anything to complain about. Well, not related to my hair, that is.