Dolly Parton LEAD
Credit: CBS Photo Archive

Good hair or not, Jolene's got nothing on Dolly Parton's wig collection. If you needed another reason to love the icon, look to her Dollywood Special on the Hallmark Channel's Home & Family show, in which she speaks to the topic she knows almost as well as her vocal scales—wigs, of course. "I used to try and keep my own hair as teased as I like it, and having the bleach and all that, it just kind of broke off and I thought, why am I going through all that? Why not just wear wigs? That way, I'll never have a bad hair day," she says. "It's a funny thing, when I wear this big hair, because I'm so tiny, my husband always says I look like a Q-Tip—just nothing but a big white wad on my head." During the segment, the star takes the audience through three of her most-memorable wigs, starting in 1973 with the We Found It album featuring Porter Wagoner. "I'll look at myself sometimes in all those pictures and go, 'Oh my lord what was I thinking?!' but don't we all think we were looking good at that time?" she says. "Well, I don't know if I looked good, I just looked like Dolly."

Parton goes on to explain that in terms of her stage ensemble, her hair is almost an accessory to her wardrobe. She'll choose her wig depending on how the costume is cut, always keeping in mind where her instruments will be and how she's going to get the guitar strap over her head. Aside from being a key element to her trademark look, the hairpieces also help to maintain the health of her natural strands, though her hair underneath is the same color and length. "I try to keep my roots up for my husband. I don't wanna look good for everyone else and then go home and look terrible," she adds. "I'm gonna look the same to me whether it costs a lot or a little, but it costs a lot to look this cheap, too." Our love for her officially knows no bounds. Check out the video in full below. We promise it's worth every second of the 5 and a half minute run time.