Daily Beauty Buzz: Cara Delevingne's Pink Pixie

Photo: Victor Chavez/Getty

Either Cara Delevingne had Aerosmith's "Pink" on repeat while getting ready for the Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets premiere in Mexico City, or she wanted to bring Instagram's petal-toned 1977 filter into the real world. Either way, we're completely into it.

Sure, we were familiar with the versatility of a pixie cut before Delevigne started wearing the look, but we weren't fully aware that coating the cut in glitter or metallic foil would look so damn good until she did it. Her silver-pink hybrid hue is probably our favorite style she's worn so far—that is, until she steps out in the next look likely to top the one that came before it. We're obsessed with how she kept the rosy tones going into her makeup, with a fruit punch lip stain and a dynamic carnation highlight on her cheekbones.

VIDEO: Cara Delevingne - I Feel Everything (From Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets)

If you already have blonde hair like Delevigne's, recreating the effect is easy—simply swap out your traditional conditioner for a color-infused formula, like the Brite Organix Make Me Pastel Pink version ($16; urbanoutfitters.com). Rinse out, then wear the hue for as long as you please. Since the color is temporary, it rinses out after a few washes, though you could use a clarifying shampoo to get it out right away if you're attending an event where you don't want to be rocking pink hair.

Then again, that didn't stop Cara.

Brunettes or anyone with a darker color that isn't eager to bleach out their hair should go for an even more temporary effect. Namely, hair chalk. It had a moment a few years back when the whole ROYGBIV hair movement first took off, and today's options are far less likely to rub off all over your clothes. Brite has a liquid formula ($12; forever21.com) that looks great rubbed onto your ends, and can be completely removed in the shower. Just be sure to add a preventative layer of hairspray once the color is in place for extra insurance.

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