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Champagne Hairspray - Lead 2016
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I like a bottle of bubbly with my orange juice and in near proximity during a painfully uncomfortable family function, but in my hair? That’s a cold, hard pass. Yet champagne is the cornerstone of new hair-care brand Cuvée Beauty’s formulas and even the brand story.

Founder Rachel Katzman told me the idea came into the universe after being sprayed with champagne (which means her hair got soaked in the sweet stuff) during her 21st birthday party in Las Vegas and discovering she had the most effortlessly chic, textured waves. Obviously, dumping your head into a bucket of Veuve Clicquot isn’t realistic (nor price effective), so it’s with the Vegas revelation that she decided to formulate a champagne-infused hair-care line.

Now, the scientists didn’t pour a bottle over a vault and call it a day. In each of the products, the brand used what they call the Cuvée Complex, which is a mix of champagne extract, white truffle, platinum ferment extracts, resveratrol, ceramides, plant proteins, and botanicals. Together these ingredients help to not only style the hair, but help slow down the process of hair aging, thanks to the antioxidants, and provide moisture and nourishment to enhance the health hair.

Currently satisfied with the fact that the shampoo and conditioner I’m using right now basically guarantees a good hair day, I decided to test out the line with what could be classified as the hero product—the Champagne Spray.

To give you a little background on my hair, it’s super fine and straight with the teeniest, tiniest bit of wave to it, and even that’s a stretch. To get waves, I not only have to use a wand, but I also have to be rather strategic about the salt or texture spray I use afterwards to help enhance the movement. Plain and simple, if I don’t use product, they won’t stick around.

After sectioning my hair into four sections and using a wand to create waves, I let all my hair down and shook my hands through it to break up the curls. Next, I liberally sprayed the Champagne Spray through my mane. I wouldn’t say that it was sticky, but it had some tact to it. It also holds a relatively strong scent of champagne and figs, and while I wouldn’t call it overpowering, if you’re sensitive to fragrances in general, it might be your least favorite part about it.

I sprayed in the formula and zhushed my hands through my hair to scrunch up the waves. They looked a little undone and messy (my favorite) and the best part was that it stayed that way all day, barely falling, thanks to the slight hold—a hold you could still run your fingers through.

While I haven’t tried the whole dousing my head in champagne thing (my 21st consisted of a chill baseball game and beer), styling spray infused with champagne extracts is something I can confidently vouch for.