Conditon Before Shampoo - Lead
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If you've got fine hair, but need some intense moisture to mend damage, you may want to rethink your lather-rinse-repeat routine. Even just as a joke, we've always wondered exactly what would happen if we were to swap the order of our shampoo and conditioner, but as it turns out, it's a great way to give your strands hydration without causing them to go limp. "Conditioner does nourish the hair, but can also weigh it down," Philip B, celebrity hair and scalp expert, tells InStyle. "If you shampoo after you condition, it will whisk away any residue. Clean hair is bouncy hair!" The technique has been dubbed reverse washing, and it's likely to change the way you shower.

Even if you don't have fine hair, it's a great technique to try with your everyday conditioner, not to mention, those heavier masque formulas recommended roughly once a week. By cleansing after, you'll be eliminating any lingering buildup either formula can leave behind. Brands like TRESemme are already on board, with a reverse washing system of their own new to the market, though it's a technique you can do with the staples you already have—just be sure to use two moisturizing options that could technically work solo. The best part? Reverse washing will actually stretch the lifespan of your style by whisking away the aforementioned excess conditioner, as well as any natural oils that could cause your layers to fall flat. Long live the blowout.