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Eyebrow Trimmer
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There’s no need to beat around the bush, face and body hair are a part of life, and as a woman, I’ve spent a good chunk of time dealing with and paying for the removal of said hair. I vividly remember my first trip to the salon to get my eyebrows waxed with my mother as a young tween. The esthetician waxed, shaped, and plucked my brows to perfection before asking if I also wanted my upper lip done, which I hadn’t even realized needed any attention, and thus began my expensive admission into womanhood.

While I am totally in favor of embracing what you’re born with, I personally prefer to trim and remove much of my thick, Italian facial hair, including my naturally bushy eyebrows and darker-than-peach peach fuzz. Since my first wax experience, I’ve become somewhat of a regular, dutifully tending to my brows, upper lip, and bikini line with military precision. However, with the cost of all these monthly appointments quickly adding up, I took it upon myself to find a more economical solution to keeping unwanted hair in check.

To extend the time I can go without waxes, I use this precision hair trimmer from Conair on my eyebrows and upper lip. It’s also designed to tackle hair along the bikini line and even comes with a nose and ear attachment, though I don’t typically use those features. The small but powerful tool runs on a single AAA battery and offers a wide-blade fit for trimming larger areas of the face and body, as well as two eyebrow combs for more exact pruning.

Anytime I notice my upper lip looking a bit darker than I’d like, I turn on the device and run it over the area a few times until it looks like I’ve just returned from the salon (only there’s no red, irritated skin or newly revealed blemishes afterwards, as can happen after a fresh wax). And even though I prefer the help of a professional at least every couple of months to maintain my brow shape, the trimmer gets the job done when it comes to simple upkeep. It easily fits in between my brows to get rid of any strays, and it can cut overgrown hairs that have started to get too wispy for my liking.

Hundreds of Amazon shoppers of all ages and genders — from men tackling nose hairs to women who are tired of plucking overgrown follicles — are also fans of the tiny hair remover. “I can't believe I was considering a wax instead of this incredible tool,” one reviewer wrote. “It cleaned up everything I wanted pain-free!” Another said it was the best trimmer they’d tried over the years and that they already purchased a spare just in case.

If you’re tired of spending a portion of your paycheck on wax appointments every month, consider buying one of these little trimmers to reduce your number of trips to the salon or eliminate them altogether.

Conair Satiny Smooth Lithium Ion Precision Trimmer
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