A Million Bottles of This "Amazing" Shampoo Have Sold in the Past 2 Years — and We Have an Exclusive Discount

A Million Bottles of This “Amazing” Shampoo Have Sold in the Past 2 Years — and We Have an Exclusive Discount

Shoppers say it keeps dyed hair “looking fresh” for months.
By Tess Garcia
Apr 29, 2021 @ 6:00 am
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Any professional stylist will tell you caring for colored hair is not a task to be taken lightly. Dyed strands have had their cuticles raised, which allows color to penetrate but can make it difficult for hair to retain moisture. To reduce and repair damage, it’s crucial to seek out color-safe products. Enter the Color Security Shampoo from Color Wow, a sulfate-free formula that’s earned the approval of celebrity stylist Chris Appleton. Shoppers love it so much, a million bottles have sold in the past two years — and we have an exclusive code for 25 percent off. 

Sulfates are responsible for the sudsy consistency of many shampoos, but they can also strip hair of protective oils. By eschewing them altogether, the Color Security Shampoo prevents further damage to vulnerable, color-treated tresses. It’s also formulated without silicones, which can create a smoother appearance but prevent helpful ingredients from penetrating hair’s cuticles. Plus, it’s free of parabens that may contribute to a range of health concerns with prolonged exposure. Instead, the shampoo contains powerhouse moisturizers like glycerin and a broken down form of keratin, the protein famous for taming frizz, strengthening hair, and creating natural shine.

Of its hundreds of five-star reviews, 44 use the word “great” to describe this shampoo. Meanwhile, 17 shoppers say it leaves hair feeling “soft,” with one adding that it reversed 12 years of damage from consistent dye jobs. It normally costs $23, but you can grab the Color Security Shampoo for 25 percent off with the code 25INSTYLE at checkout.

Shop now: $17 with code 25INSTYLE (Originally $23); amazon.com

Dozens of customers say the shampoo preserves their color way longer than other products, which saves them from expensive trips to the salon. “If you have color-treated hair, this shampoo is a must,” one wrote. “I have burgundy dyed hair and it keeps my color looking fresh for eight weeks.”

Another reviewer went as far as deeming the entire Color Security collection the best they’ve ever used. “If you desire to have your hair feeling like hair again without using a lot of chemicals and treatments, then just wash your hair in this shampoo…you’ll be shouting ‘WOW WOW WOW’ from the rooftop,” they said. “By far, this is the best shampoo and conditioner on the market today to bring back the original luster to your hair.”

InStyle’s exclusive discount on the Color Wow Color Security Shampoo is available for just two weeks, so add it to your cart while opportunity knocks. At $17, it’s bound to maintain your hair color more than similarly-priced options.