By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Apr 19, 2019 @ 1:30 pm
Color Wow Dream Filter
Credit: Courtesy

I'm aware that hard water can darken or warp your hair color. I also know the minerals and metals in this water can buildup on your hair, making it feel stiff and rough and look pretty dull. But, up until a few days ago, these facts have never really meant anything to me because I don't think I had ever experienced the opposite.

I came to the revelation that I've unknowingly lived my entire life with hair that's been warped by hard water just a few days ago, after testing out Color Wow's new Pre-Shampoo Mineral Remover. This treatment is basically designed to act as a magnet, attracting and then extracting the minerals and metals in your water that mess with your hair. To cut to the chase, it works, and while it definitely brightened my dirty blonde hair, it made my hair feel lighter and cleaner than ever before.

The $24 spray is meant to be applied to dry hair before shampooing. After the hair is thoroughly saturated, you let the treatment sit on the hair for 1-3 minutes. Then, you apply shampoo, lather, rinse, and condition.

After my hair was blow-dried, I was astonished by how weightless my hair felt. It was clean without being squeaky, stripped, or dry. It felt like a coating that had been on my hair for 27+ years had been removed. My hair was silky!

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While I was most impressed by the way my hair felt, it also did wonders for my unnatural dirty blonde hair color. Because I'm naturally a brunette, I struggle with brassiness. This treatment removed the discolored tint that was taking over my base color, and brightened up my lighter blonde highlights. It looked like I had just left the salon with a gloss.

You can use the treatment every day, but if you use it once a week like I plan on doing, you'll still get results.

Hard water has a whole new meaning to me. Thankfully, now I know how to handle it.