Shoppers With Bleach Damage Say Their Hair Is "Split End-Free" After Just One Use of This Repair Mask

The hydrating treatment made “dry and brittle locks” become “so soft and shiny.”

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Coco and Eve Hair Mask
Photo: Cocojune

There's no feeling more powerful than the thrill that comes after a big hair transformation. The first time I went from my natural brunette strands to blonde hair, I felt like a newer, cooler, more sophisticated version of myself who was ready to take on anything. However, after three weeks hiking in the dry heat of the Grand Canyon, my freshly bleached locks became increasingly hay-like and even started to break off at the root. It sent me into a panic — and I know my experience is not unique.

"After hair is bleached, the most important thing is to treat the hair and strengthen the bonds that have become weakened through chemical processing," stylist George Papanikolas previously told InStyle. Fortunately, a quick and easy way to restore moisture and fortitude to damaged strands is an at-home hair mask, like the Sweet Repair Mask from Coco & Eve, which multiple shoppers called "amazing."

The Sweet Repair Mask combines moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid with ceramides, which one 2019 study suggested may promote hair growth. The star ingredient keratin, a building block that's a natural part of hair's structure, is also included to strengthen split ends and create a smoother, bouncier texture. Best of all, multiple reviewers swear the treatment is just as effective as it promises to be.

Sweet Repair Hair Mask

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One reviewer called the hydrating mask a "true life saver" and said it's had a spot in their hair care routine for three years. "One use of this hair mask has my hair looking shiny, split end-free, and my curls are gorgeous and bouncy" raved another shopper with previously bleach-damaged strands. A third person said their "dry and brittle" locks became "so soft and shiny" after just one use, and even called the treatment more effective than Olaplex.

You can test this restorative hair mask out for yourself by shopping it on the Coco &Eve site for $35.

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