Swoon: Zac Efron's Sporting New Blonde Hair

But it's not crimped.

Zac Efron Visits "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" at Rockefeller Center.
Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Between Neighbors 2 and the new Baywatch movie Zac Efron is literally everywhere. Not that we're complaining— High School Musical was a seminal moment for us, we learnt that a) we're all in this together b) you can play basketball and star in musical theater at the same time. It was also our first introduction to Zac Efron (thank you Disney) and he's had basically the same hair since then - a short natural brown do. But these past few weeks seems to be all about Zac Efron surprising us with his hair transformations.

First, we got a glimpse of Zac Efron as a tween with crimped hair and then as his current hunky self also with crimped hair, which we'd prefer not to relive anytime soon. And yesterday Zac Efron debuted a very new and very different hair look.

He shared a photo on his Twitter from his visit to a preschool where he encouraged kids to stay in school. His new hairstyle is basically the men's version of a lob, in terms of popularity. Long on top, short on the sides. The hairstyle isn't that surprising - the shocking part is really that he's dyed the long top part blonde - but, we're not complaining, we'd literally never complain about Zac Efron.

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