Unlock Celebrity Hair Secrets

Nicole Richie
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Unlock Celebrity Hair Secrets

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Frame Your Face

Molly Sims
Jeff Bark/Ray Brown Pro.

Q: When I wear my hair up, I'd like to style it so it frames my face. But tendrils give me bad prom flashbacks. Is there another option?

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Play it Straight

Aisha Tyler
Jeff Bark/Ray Brown Pro.

Q: Sometimes I have to go straight from the office to a party. How can I perk up my hair after a long day?

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The Short Story

The Short Story
Lester Cohen/WireImage

Q: I'm growing out my short hair, and it's at an awkward in-between stage. How can I dress it up for a black-tie party?

A:Add a wavy texture and pin it up, suggests stylist Ben Skervin, who turned Keira Knightley's crop into a premiere-worthy updo. Make waves with a curling iron, then twist up small sections, anchoring each with a bobby pin. "You can pin the ends under or leave them sticking out for a messier effect," he says. "This style gives the illusion of length—you don't know where pieces end or begin—it truly looks like long hair that's all pinned up."

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Eva Mendes
Jefery Mayer/WireImage

Q: I want my hair to hold but not look like it has been shellacked. Any tips?

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Endless Blowouts

Paris Hilton
Larry Busacca/WireImage

Q: I have multiple parties this week. How can I make my blowout last?

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Stand the Rain

Sienna Miller
Daniele Venturelli/WireImage

Q: If I get caught in the rain or snow, is it possible to save my hairstyle?

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Office Party

Nicole Richie
Amy Graves/WireImage

Q: My office is very conservative. How can I look stylish but still appropriate at our holiday party?

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