Shay Mitchell LEAD
Credit: Robin Marchant/Getty

If #HairEnvy isn't in the dictionary yet (and if it isn't, we should probably jump on that quick), we'd like to suggest putting a picture of Shay Mitchell right next to the formal definition. Girl's head of hair is a magical creature. To put it subtly, we're insanely impressed, and if you haven't noticed yet, we've chronicled it all.

And while the actress likes to experiment with hairstyles, her signature brunette color seems to be a constant, apart from a few highlights here or there or a stint with ombre. However, it seems like Ashley might be ready to shake things up a bit.

She recently posted a snap looking very blonde with her fellow PLL co-star, Ashley Benson, and we still can't figure out if she actually took the plunge at that moment or if it's just a wig.

She used the hashtag #findingoutifblondesreallydohavemorefun, which, ugh, isn't really helpful in this case.

The reason why this is SO confusing to us is because it's not the first time we thought Mitchell dyed her hair blonde.

About a month ago, she posted a selfie sporting a much lighter shade that turned out to be a very-real-looking wig.

And then let's not forget this photo (with Benson again) where she's rocking blonde highlights. In fact, it's almost identical to the pic she posted just this week. Could this be a #latergram in disguise? Is Mitchell trying to figure out if going blonde is the right beauty move?

But going back to our initial point—Shay, blonde or brunette, you do you. Your style is 100 percent.