Wet hair is officially a look guys.

By Tamim Alnuweiri
Updated Sep 23, 2016 @ 11:15 am
Credit: Carlos Alvarez/Getty

When we leave the house with wet hair, it's usually a good sign that we've either given up on our day (cough, Mondays), or that we're running seriously late and we're hoping to get an air dry through a breeze from our Uber. But recently, wet hair has kind of become a thing. Peek at Kim Kardashian's "wet hair, don't care" look at this year's VMA's.

And last night, Shailene Woodley tried her hand at the trend when she appeared at the Snowden premiere with seemingly soaked tresses.

The whole look is a winner, truly. She looks ethereally angelic, sun-kissed, and glowy, but it's her hair that made the look, you know, a look.

Created by hairstylist extraordinaire and Suave Professionals celeb stylist Marcus Francis, who aside from Shailene is also a go-to hairstylist for Julianne Moore and the Stranger Things girls, the style was apparently meant to give off a "sleek edgy glam" vibe. Apart from wet-looking hair, we'd say Marcus's specialty is crafting perfectly messy beachy waves for clients like Winona Ryder and Lizzy Caplan. Luckily, he's spilled his secrets there with us before.

So next time you get stuck in a rain shower, take a cue from Shailene and take it as a blessing.