September 2007

Luxury Perfumes, fragrance,Yü, Acqua di Parma Colonia Edizione,
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September 2007

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Fabulous Forties

Jessica Alba, hair, red lipstick, curls, forties glamour
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The best accessory for this fall's amp#252;ber-hot red lips? Glamorous Rita Hayworth-inspired curls.

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Fabulous Forties

Isla Fisher, curls, hair, Old Hollywood, beauty
Craig Barritt/JPI

"It's a young, sexy version of that Old Hollywood look," saysJessica Alba's stylist, Robert Ramos.

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Fabulous Forties

Bijou Phillips, soft waves, curls, 1-inch-barrel iron, hair, beauty
Albert L. Ortega/WireImage

Ramos created Alba's soft waves by curling hair with a1-inch-barrel iron and then setting sections in pin curls for 10 minutes before brushing out.

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Fabulous Forties

Mischa Barton, hairspray, hair, curls, beauty
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

To ensure movement, he used only a tiny bit of hairspray. "It shouldn't be stiff," says Ramos.

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Skin-care Boosters

My Blend Radiant Burst, Philosophy, serum, creme, skin, skin care, capsules
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We all know stability is a good thing to look for in a mate, but not everyone realizes how important it is in skin-care products. When exposed to air, many ingredients degrade (remember that vitamin C cream that turned brown?). To prevent this, companies such as My Blendand Philosophy now offer boosters that you mix daily (Philosophy) or every two weeks (My Blend) into your regular skin-care cream. "It's a great idea because it keeps the active ingredients concentrated and stable," says New York dermatologist Jeannette Graf.

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Luxury Perfumes

Luxury Perfumes, fragrance,Yü, Acqua di Parma Colonia Edizione,
Time Inc. Digital Studio

If money is no object, get awhiff of the newest nectar of the gods. Yü, a limited-editionFrench fragrance made from champac flowers and jasmine, isconsidered so precious it's being sold-by invitation only-for acool $5,000. Also causing a sniff among high-end noses: Acqua diParma's Colonia Edizione Murano, a heady blend of citrus,rose and lavender for $950. And you thought gas was expensive.

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