New tour, new hair.

By Tamim Alnuweiri
Updated May 06, 2016 @ 7:40 am
Credit: Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

Maybe short hair is over. In the past few weeks most drastic celebrity hair changes have been from short to long hair and not vice versa. Point (kind of) proven with Selena Gomez's fresh cut.

Selena got the new 'do to kick of her new tour. While it's not a drastic change, we're still envious of her already thick and gorgeous hair (hello, Pantene commercials).

Celebrity hairstylists Nikkie Lee and Riawna Capri are really taking Selena's hair game up a notch for her Revival tour. Nikki Lee shared the above photo on her Instagram of Selena's beautiful look. Lots of layers, pretty, subtle highlights? Yes, please.

Someone please tell us that there's lots of wind in the hair and hair-flipping moments going on during her Revival performances. That hair is just asking for it.