Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Has a Hair Tutorial for You — and It's Super Cute

Live(ish) on Snapchat

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Photo: Neilson Barnard

We're going to give you a tip to get you through hump day. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Snapchat is glorious. And we mean, GLORIOUS. You really need to be following her — she's literally always giving great product recommendations and is just generally a bundle of happiness. And today, Rosie and her hairdresser George Northwood are doing a live Snapchat hair tutorial of Rosie's favorite hairdo... a big supermodel blowout?


Below is a video of from her Instagram just one part of the six part tutorial. Even if it can't teach you how to do your hair, at least let it teach you how to not look like a gargoyle when you're getting your hair done (you know those weird faces you catch yourself making in hair salon mirrors?). Plus, have you ever see makeup so flawless?

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