The only thing better than one new hair color is two new hair colors.
Perrie Edwards LEAD
Credit: Anthony Harvey/Getty

If your first exposure to Perrie Edwards was when she was previously engaged to former One Direction-er Zayn Malik and broke a billion hearts around the world, we're here to fill you in on the singer/Insta-famous celeb and her latest brave beauty move.

First, let's break down the bare basics. She's a member of the Little Mix crew, and in our opinion, a certified hair color guru.

We've become virtually obsessed with Perrie's fairytale gorgeous hair—the beach waves, the grown-out blonde ombré! She even wore high pigtails (with electric blue eyeshadow, we might add!) and looked like a queen. And Perrie? Well, she isn't afraid of pastels. That's right—your girl just went pink.

The weekend is when we get to be the best version of ourselves, but that seems to be especially true for Perrie who did a triple post on her Instagram to share her new amazing pink and black dye job. It's a super refreshing change, not to mention she basically found the grown-up version of unicorn hair.

If you're looking to try out the blue or pink hair color world, you might consider taking a pic of Perrie to the salon. Her look is incredibly wearable and the exposed roots really appeal to the low-maintenance hair color chick or anyone who knows they'll want to transition to another color in the near future.

But Perrie isn't the first celeb who's gone pink in the recent weeks. A few weeks ago, Elle Fanning took to the web to show off her pastel rose-hued hair, too. So, so good.