We never thought we'd see Paris Hilton ditch her iconic platinum blonde hair, but the socialite turned DJ just reminded us that we should never say never. Along with celeb-favorite boutique Kitson and Blackberry phones, we now can add Hilton's bright blonde hair to the pile of recent relics from the early 2000s.

Over the weekend Hilton completely reinvented her signature look with a new rich chocolate brown hair color and long, piece-y bangs. While most brunettes tend to go lighter for the summer months, Hilton's darker shade also reminds us that she doesn't follow trends, she sets them. And considering she recently claimed she invented the selfie, you can bet she gave everyone a first look at her new hair on Instagram with a repost of a Snapchat video and selfie featuring one of her dogs, Diamond.

The only thing to do after a successful selfie photoshoot of your new look is to go shopping with your dog, of course. And that's exactly what Hilton did to further show off her chocolate brown hair.

There's nothing more to say but "That's hot."