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Credit: oliviaculpo/Instagram

When you’re craving a new hair look actually taking the plunge and getting a dramatic new cut is risky. There’s the chance that you won’t love your new length, and it’s always a struggle styling your hair so it looks as good as it did when you left the salon.

While model and style star Olivia Culpo is no stranger to the bob, she recently ditched her long hair to return to the short cut. Whether or not you have fine or extremely thick hair, getting your bob voluminous is tricky. Too little body and the cut looks flat, and too much volume gives it the dreaded triangle shape.

Somehow, Culpo has managed to avoid all new hairstyle growing pains thanks to a few style tricks from her go-to pro, Justine Marjan. After she preps Culpo’s damp strands with mousse and sea salt on her mid-lengths and ends, the stylist blow-dries them using ghd’s Wanderlust Air Hair Dryer ($199; nordstrom.com) and a ceramic brush to create voluminous, lifted base.

Once Culpo’s hair is completely dry, Marjan reaches for ghd’s Curve Classic Curl Iron ($199; nordstrom.com) and curls her hair towards her face while holding the iron horizontally. To give the look an effortless vibe that’s still polished, Marjan spritzes dry shampoo at the roots, flips Culpo’s hair to the other side, and lightly backbrushes it.

As final details, the pro uses a toothbrush and hairspray to calm any flyaways and runs a touch of pomade through Culpo’s ends.

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Now, go forth and have a pouf-free summer with your bob.