By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Dec 20, 2017 @ 11:00 am
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Olivia Culpo
Credit: Joey Andrew/

Hat hair is usually a phrase associated with static-y strands, a serious lack of volume, and bangs that have a mind of their own. But hat hair isn’t just another way of saying you’re having a bad hair day—and Olivia Culpo just proved it.

Creating an unexpected contrast, the celebrity paired her signature sleek and straight bob with a black corduroy cap. Her hair had been catered to—the lack of flyways and frizz and the glossy sheen makes it clear—so the placement of the hat wasn’t meant to hide anything.

VIDEO: Three Different Ways to Style Olivia Culpo's Bob

To get a similar look, you’ll need to prep your hair with a heat protectant and break out a flat iron that’ll seal down the cuticle, like the ghd Classic Styler ($149; Then, place a hat like the Brixton Fiddler Fisherman Hat ($42; on top.

Figuring out what topper to pair with your hairstyle can be tough, but Culpo’s look is one to keep in mind this winter, especially if temps start to drop and covering your head becomes unavoidable. Some of our other favorites? Beachy waves and baseball caps and loose curls and wide-brim hats.