By Tessa Trudeau and Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Apr 13, 2018 @ 4:00 pm
Miranda Lambert
Credit: Robby Klein/Getty

What defines country music hair? Miranda Lambert used to think the bigger, the better. "I’m kind of glad that’s over even though I’m from Texas, and I come from big hair," she tells InStyle. With her teasing comb retired, these days Lambert is all about keeping her hair as healthy as possible. Her trick?

"I like to braid it on my off time—wash it and not fix it for days on end, you know, when I’m sitting at home," the Grammy Award-winning singer says. "It kind of makes your hair a little more healthy when you do that—just give it a break from all the drama."

And yes, like all of us, she's had to deal with some jaw-dropping hair drama. Lambert, who will be performing at the upcoming ACM Awards, fills us in on her worst hair nightmare, and if you grew up in the early aughts and experimented with hair streaks and colored highlights, you can definitely relate.

“I dyed my hair pink one time,” Lambert says. “I opened a store called Pink Pistol in Oklahoma and we had something called ‘Pink Friday.’ I put pink streaks of fake hair color in my hair, which supposedly wash out, but it didn't wash out for four months and so I had to cover it up with red streaks. It was pretty awful.”

Semi-permanent hair color is supposed to be totally free of commitment. It’s the product you pick when you want to have blue hair, but for a week max. Judging from Lambert's experience, that isn't always the case.

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We don't expect pink streaks for her ACM Awards "Keeper of the Flame" performance, but maybe she'll pay tribute to whose hair in Hollywood she admires most. "Dolly. All the phases of Dolly. All the time," she said.

Tune into the ACM Awards this Sunday, April 15, at 8 p.m. on CBS to catch Lambert hit the stage and her next red carpet hairstyle.