Daily Beauty Buzz: Millie Bobby Brown's Side Braid

Photo: Ray Tamarra/GC Images

Growing out a pixie is like trying to grow out your bangs: there's no elegant way to do it. There are going to be in-between stages that will likely look awkward, no matter how you style it. Unless you're Millie Bobby Brown.

The actress may only be 13-years-old, but we're already taking notes on her hairstyles. Since the first season of Stranger Things wrapped, Brown has been growing out the buzz cut she had for her role as Eleven, and has taught us all how to wear hairbands in the process.

Now that her hair is too long to be considered a pixie but too short to be considered a bob, she's turning to another easy trick that will keep strands out of your face: a side-braid. For her appearance on The Tonight Show with Steven Colbert, Brown wore her ear-length hair in a deep side part, and French-braided the left side of the part. It's a simple detail to add to to a look, but it transforms an awkward part of the grow-out stage into an intentional style. On the right side, the actress gently pinned her shortest layers down at the temple using a bobby pin. Brown's sculptural, gold ear cuff that she wore on her left year also added an edgy element to the overall look.

Ray Tamarra/GC Images

If you're growing out a short hairstyle too and want to try a similar look, opt for a French braid like Brown's as the plait will help your hair to lie flat. For extra volume on the side being left out, give your roots a blast of dry shampoo.

Yup, this is yet another one of Brown's hairstyles that we'd rate as an eleven.

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