RaPINKoe, anyone?

By Christopher Luu
Jul 10, 2020 @ 4:47 pm

While quarantine is keeping many people from visiting their go-to stylists and colorists, soccer superstar Megan Rapinoe managed to squeeze in an appointment with Riawna Capri at Nine Zero One Salon, where she got back to her roots — no, not her literal natural color, but the bold pink shade that made her easy to spot no matter where she was on the soccer pitch. 

Capri celebrated the return of what she calls "RaPINKoe," which isn't what fans saw during the most recent FIFA Women's World Cup. More recently, Rapinoe had blue and purple hair, so the pink is a return to form for 'Pinoe.

"RaPINKoe is back and we couldn't be happier! It took 6 hours to achieve Megan's signature look," Capri explained.

Megan Rapinoe
Credit: Nine Zero One Salon
Megan Rapinoe
Credit: Nine Zero One Salon

For anyone looking to get the same color, the celeb stylist laid it all out: "After lifting to perfection, you must tone. I toned with Redken 2/3 9V + 1/3 9N. Then I applied RaPINKoe, which this time consists of Pulp Riot Hair 2/3 Blush 1/3 Lilac and ... one inch of Sea Glass Mint Green! I learned this secret (Sea Glass Mint Green) from Amber Maynard Bolt, it cancels out just enough of that flaming color to give it a soft subdued hue." 

Rapinoe shared all the protocol that she went through, just in case anyone was wondering what it takes to get a dye job during a pandemic.

"It's been so long I just HAD to grid this pic. ACTUALLY, it has been nearly a year to the day since my last full bleach and tone + PINK. Rapinkoe is back and ready to roll!!! As always, the crew 901 especially my girl @riawna (@nikkilee901 too) fixed me all up and put a bounce back in my step," she wrote. "I've been very cautious about stepping out of Quarantine, I'm still not really out tbh, but the salon was fr safe AF!"