I mean, it's probably time for a trim anyway, right?
Lucy Hale
Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty

If Chrissy Teigen's fringe didn't convince you to book an appointment with your stylist, Lucy Hale's latest hairstyle will certainly take care of all the doubts in your mind. Trust us.

The Pretty Little Liars star upgraded her signature tousled lob with a set of long and rather thick eyebrow-grazing bangs, and the look is a stunner.

This is the biggest hair transformation we've seen from Lucy in quite sometime, given the last maj. change she made was when she went nearly platinum blonde back in March.

A photo posted by Lucy Hale (@lucyhale) on Sep 17, 2016 at 12:51pm PDT

However, even though Lucy's bangs are out-of-this-world good (like so good we just can't), we have a teeny-tiny reason to think this might not be a permanent change.

She uploaded the pic with the caption "Bang bang for today," tagging her full glam squad within the message as well.

So what does this tell us? Well, after investigating each glam squad member's Instagram pic of Lucy's #lewk, it seems like she was on the set of a Saturday photo shoot, which makes us believe they could very well be faux bangs.

A photo posted by KRISTIN ESS HAIR (@kristin_ess) on Sep 17, 2016 at 1:07pm PDT

There's also the strategic use of the word "today" within Lucy's caption...

Real or not, this hairstyle is a legitimate inspiration, and the length of her bangs is honestly ideal for anyone who's not too sure about the commitment the cut brings. And that color? Stunning.

We'll be on the lookout to see if Lucy snaps any more pics of her glorious 'do. So in the meantime, brb, I'm convincing all my friends to take the full fringe plunge now anyway.