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The celebrity lob club just got a new member. It looks like Lindsay Lohan has traded in her signature long waves for the hottest haircut of 2017. Bringing back a length that has us reminiscing over her Parent Trap days, the actress debuted her new angled cut on Instagram while promoting her new role in the show Sick Note.

But is it permanent? It’s the only photo we’ve seen of Lohan with a lob so far, so it very well could just be a great wig for filming. Until we see further proof, we’re going to assume Lohan hasn’t fully committed to a “short hair, don’t care” life.

Credit: SKY

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Besides the possible haircut, we should also note that Sick Note stars Rupert Grint, (or Ron Weasley for all you forever Harry Potter superfans). Two childhood movie heroes in one Instagram post? Today is a very good day, indeed.