Less is more?
Kylie Jenner LEAD
Credit: Vivien Killilea/Getty

We're not sure that there's ever been products as fickle as the ones with which you style your hair. If you can manage to use the right amount, then welcome to supermodel blowouts. But if you can't, it's basically game over and we're left having to start from the very beginning. Ideally, we'd be able to leave the house without a lick of product on, something we thought was essentially an old wives tale (except for Saturday afternoon errands or ponytails at the gym,) until we saw this Instagram of Kylie Jenner.

First of all, between all the pics and the gorge ads, Kylie is doing an phenomenal job of selling that Dirty Peach Lip Kit, and that shade looks incredible on her. Second, how amazing does Kylie's hair look?! The surprise is, according to Kylie's hairstylist Chris Dylan, besides the hair extensions she's wearing, he used no products on her. No products as in zero products, guys.

Chris used a blow dryer and a hairbrush on her extensions, but literally nothing else. Once we picked our jaws up of the floor after that bombshell, we noticed that Kylie was also rocking a middle part, one of the looks we somehow haven't seen on her before. A little Kim K., no?