Somehow it's a look we haven't seen on her before.
Kylie Jenner
Credit: Vivien Killilea/Getty

Honestly, it's easy to forget that Kylie Jenner is so young. I mean she did manage to release a universally beloved line of lip kits, and transition that venture into a full blown makeup line, as well as participate in a million other projects, all while still at the very tender age of 18. And Kylie's transition into her 19th year has been nothing short of spectacular — her birthday edition Kylie Cosmetics products?! I mean.... So obviously, here birthday lewks were going to be the real deal. Last night, Kylie shared some photos of her festive beauty and hair, which was a birthday gift to us all.

Kylie, who turns 19 today, was donning red hair and a red birthday (swim)suit. Although Kylie is known for her wigs and all previous evidence suggests that this is a wig, we can't help but hope that it's real! Can you even braid a wig that well?! Even though we thought we'd seen Kylie in every hair color imaginable, this is definitely a new color for her and we love it!

We love that Kylie decided to pair her red hair with an all red look — the red swimsuit and the fur slides are a match made in fiery heaven. While we'd love to see the red hair stay, knowing Kylie, she'll have had six different hair colors before her day ends. Happy birthday Kylie! Keep on being the hair chameleon you are!